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10. iPhone Microphone stand clip (IK Multimedia iKlip Mini)



For a non-musician it might be perplexing why a guitarist would want to clip their iPhone to a micstand.  Or maybe not: certainly even the most casual smart phone using knows of all the powerful applications these pocket devices have to offer.


For a guitarist it could as simple as posting a setlist, lyrics, or a music chart.  It could be chord chart or online lesson.  Or, it could even be realtime control of guitar effects on the phone itself or Bluetooth control of a monitor mix.


And as time goes on, these applications (actually both the physical application and the “app”) will become more prevalent.  More apps are popping up daily.


And since it basically takes both hands to play the guitar, the IK iKlip makes a cool gift.


IK Multimedia has become somewhat of a leader in maximizing the potential of these devices and offers several interfaces and accessories such as the iKlip (which is also available sized for tablets).