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1. Clayton Customized Guitar Picks



Okay, first note that ordering custom guitar picks is a time issue item: especially during the holidays since printing and shipping time is needed, but fear not!  Clayton has gift cards.


Personally, I can not think of a gift that would be better than this for a musician.  After all, it says I believe in you; I believe in your band; and I put thought into this.  You can put a logo, the guitarist’s name, an image, a combination of the previous…and it can be single color or full color…and both sides of the pick can be used, if desired.


There are a lot of options here.  Forethought, however, is going to count.  To win, you need to match the guitarist to the pick, or vice versa.  You can’t (or shouldn’t) just choose the prettiest looking material, choose medium thickness, and the most common size and assume you nailed it.


First…you need to know what type of picks your guitarist uses.  That means you’re going to need to get a hold of one of their picks.


Different picks are made of different material, and each guitarist usually has a preference.  Each of these materials has a different feel and a different flexibility…so; you’ll need to figure this out. Clayton has a menu, so you’ll most likely be able to do a visual match of the material (if that doesn’t work, give them a call).


Different picks made of these different materials come in various thicknesses.  Obviously, different thicknesses have a different flexibility.  This is usually printed on the pick they’ve been using (if it hasn’t worn off…store bought picks generally have manufacturer and thickness info printed on them…in which case you need to steal a newer one).  It may be listed as thin, medium, heavy or extra heavy, or it may be by actual thickness:  .88mm, 1mm, or some variation thereof.


Picks come in different sizes.  Some look like tiny teardrops, some look like huge rounded triangles.  Some look like a typical pick…but, your guitarist may not be typical.


Paying attention to these details means you care.


The images and/or text can be you own uploaded artwork, which can move and resized on the face of the pick (both a worktable and an actual size visual is provided), or artwork and text that you select from the Clayton website (which can also be moved and resized).


Back to the limited timeframe…


For a musician, this may not be the: “oh, a gift card…how nice.”


As cool as getting custom picks is, designing your own pick is even cooler.  No one knows you like you do.  This is the ultimate win/win.  You show you care (and how your support them), they got exactly what they designed.


Happy Christmas – Glorious New Year!


– Jake Kelly





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