Still Time: Stream Of Consciousness  If it’s all about having the right sound at the right time—which it is—then there’s good reason to be paying attention to Still Time.

Originally known as “Longview,” this band grew out of a couple of college kid’s pastime of playing cover songs in the dorm. When they decided that they actually sounded pretty good, they took the leap of adding members, writing material, producing a demo (which got some airplay) and brought some bookings. One leap they were smart not to make was turning down “record deal.” The label was going to front the group $120,000 to record, promote, and distribute an album, and then the group would pay the money back from their 10% of sales. The record company would keep 90% and all rights to the album until it sold enough copies to recoup the investment. As a result, the band has stuck to self-releasing. Musically, the band blends classic rock, folk, jazz, and reggae into an eclectic style that’s garnered warm-up gigs for Ziggy Marley, Robert Randolph, Mad Caddies, Steel Pulse, Pepper, Ozomatli, ALO, One Republic, David Lindley, Strung Out, and The Expendables, rocking audiences of 4,000+ at their largest venues (submitted via SonicBids)

Originally posted 2009-03-25 19:40:49.