A lot of artists don’t realize how wide & deep the various types of radio there are out there to get potential airplay & exposure on.


Many think that radio is only the large commercial stations, & that college, internet & satellite radio are nominal. People naively think you can START at the TOP, but the facts are most commercial stations are ALL about their commercial sales & play a very conservative short list of already proven hit artists to maintain their ratings.


It was just announced that there are MORE listeners to Pandora & internet radio in the Top 5 markets than old fashioned broadcast commercial radio! That’s a significant SHIFT in realizing the credibility & exposure of non-commercial radio.


Up & coming artists should take all these other forms of radio more seriously, especially when they are playing a wide array of new music and are supportive of new artists. They tend to play what they LIKE as opposed to the commercial ‘DJ’ board operators that only play what they HAVE to. Expand your thought of what radio is, & take all forms of radio serious in their potentials to get heard! It’s better to get SOME play from growing stations, that HOPE to get play from some bigger station that never plays you!        


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Originally posted 2011-08-30 07:59:40.