Always wanted to be a DJ? Want to work out seamless playlists?

This might just be the thing for you.


Stanton, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, have teamed up with Scratch DJ Academy to create a part educational, part short-cut-to-mixing software, appropriately called MIX!


MIX! is a handy tool if you are an aspiring DJ as it provides you with essential information such as keys, tempos, and song length. The zoom function allows you to familiarize yourself with wave forms, align downbeats, shift cue points, and get comfortable with the overall mixing process of digital music files. MIX! even offers a few scratching presets, which you can easily insert into your mixes. A handy Record Mix function, allows you to save your mixes as MP3s, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, and WAV files so you can play them on any device, enabling you to take your playlists anywhere.

MIX! is rather easy to use, Mac and Windows compatible, which is impressively fast at processing songs while adding them to your library. Just drag your files into the playlist and watch MIX! create seamless transitions. However, songs don’t always work together. To help you make the perfect mix, the software suggests suitable matches by highlighting preferable track choices, based on the keys and tempos of your selected songs. It is right 80% of the time. There is something to be said about the ear of a true DJ versus software calculations. Nevertheless, if you follow its recommendations, MIX! manages to come up with some rather interesting mixes.

There are a few things I missed with this software, such as being able to modify tempos past the mix point, or the ability to mix on the fly (playback skips while adding a song), but then again, MIX! is not intended to replace a DJ. In fact, if you are a seasoned DJ this probably isn’t the software for you unless you are just trying out some ideas quickly or are traveling and can’t be near your full rig. MIX! is more suitable for beginners who are looking to learn about mixing and tempo matching. It is also a fun tool for mix-tape lovers.

Overall, MIX! is a great educational tool for beginning DJs and pro musicians who want to experiment with basic DJing but don’t have all the professional tools. More importantly, if you’ve got an event to DJ and want to create something more seamless than your usual iTunes playlist, MIX! is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Originally posted 2011-06-07 16:00:07.