There are as many ways to mount an iPad or iPhone to a mic stand as there are reasons to do so. Personally, along with all the typical applications, I use my iPad as: a teleprompter when doing videos; a music source for wedding ceremonies; as a back up music source when hired to DJ/MC a wedding; and for displaying digital sheet music when playing in the band. All of these require some way to attach the iPhone or iPad to the stand—and it needs to do the job consistently as the glass on these idevices seldom survives a concrete collision.

One of the most useful creations that I’ve found is the iKlip Xpand and iKlip Xpand Mini from IK Multimedia. A first glance, they appears to be a bit on the pricey side (in my opinion), however the way it’s designed and compensates for the price tag. Made of high impact plastic, the iKlip Xpands easily attach to most music stands, microphone stands and even some speaker stands, just by turning down a thumb screw. Heavy duty spring-loaded “jaws” hold your precious pad or phone quite securely.

The larger version (Xpand) grips the iPad securely between 4 “teeth”. The teeth have soft rubber pads for added grip and to prevent scratching your digital device *. A ball joint between the mount and the jaws swivels to allow easy viewing. The iPhone version (Xpand Mini) is simply downscaled with the same practical features. Now available for $49.99 and $39.99 respectively.


* Note: On our evaluation sample, we noted the these soft rubber pads have a tendy to come loose, and potentially end up lost. We recommend securing them with a suitable adhesive.