fear. Fear. FEAR. It starts out small. It gets pretty big. Mark Schulman, pro touring drummer for Pink and Foreigner talks about…

his new book about fear, stagefright, and how some of the biggest people in music have conquered their onstage demons.

Sure – we don’t talk much about it, but let’s face it – all of us are a little bit afraid of being out there exposed on a stage. Even the biggest people in the business struggle with it.

When I interviewed Mark Schulman shortly after NAMM this year, I had no idea he had written a book about conquering stage fright. But in our talk, he unveiled a project that is near to his heart because of his own struggles with it over the years in big auditions.

Whether you’re a player, or a speaker, or just trying to muster the courage to play at your local open mic, stage fright can seriously knock you out of the game. Hear what Mark’s soon to be released book is all about and how it can help you conquer it.