Squier, a division of Fender, has released their Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special. Unlike the original Fender Telecaster Bass, which essentially was a reissue of the first version of the Precision Bass, Squier uses the single cutaway Telecaster body-style of Fender’s iconic guitar.


Mimicking a frequent modification that Telecaster players often made to their guitars, the Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special features a humbucker pickup in the neck position to compliment the single coil living at the bridge.  For these, the VMTBS (okay, let’s just call it the Telecaster Bass) uses a Wide Range humbucker and Duncan Designed Jazz Bass style pickup.  This is severed up with a volume and tone control, and a three way switch, on a plate…once again, a la’ Telecaster.


Interestingly enough, this Bass features nether the long scale (34”) or short scale (30”) neck but rather a “Mid Scale” fingerboard length of 32”.  This maple neck/maple fingerboard appears to be just right visually.  The headstock is the diminutive Telecaster style which barely leaves room for the Squier decal.


The basswood is available in either a Vintage Blonde or Black finish, with a contrasting pickguard.  The list price is $499.00


Leo Fender, who many consider the father of the solid body guitar, perhaps made an even greater contribution to modern music with the introduction of his solid body Precision bass in 1951.  The original design featured a double cutaway body similar to that of the famous Stratocaster which was released a few years later.  Throughout the 1950’s the Precision bass went though some transitions, including a contoured body, enlarged headstock and a new split pickup.


In 1968 Fender reissued the original Precision Bass format with the double cutaway slab body, single coil pickup and smaller headstock.  This time it was called it the Telecaster Bass, even though the name was highly associated with the single cutaway body style.


The Squier Telecaster Bass will likely find a receptive audience with the country music crowd, as country guitarists have favored the Telecaster guitar since its introduction.

Originally posted 2012-08-10 16:50:55.