Among the modern day media publicists who specialize in promoting nearly every aspect of our careers, the graphic designer holds an important position in my corner. Gone are the days of mailing out promo packs with a cassette tape and an 8 X 10 glossy in hopes of securing a gig. Today most of us use web sites, electronic press kits, and MP3 downloads as our calling cards.

I recall years ago when I was opening a show for Patty Larkin at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston, Texas, and a rather quirky gal approached me with an offer to spice up my web site. Since she was wearing various computer parts as a necklace, I must admit I was intrigued and took up her offer to see what she had in mind. Stepping into the office of Perri Harper of Zenguin Productions was more like floating into a surreal world not unlike a scene out of Blade Runner centrifuged with Captain Kirk’s Enterprise Command Bridge. I was confident she would capture my personality.

 After some 15 years of working with Perri, I continue to be grateful for her unique approaches to the challenges of designing my web sites, CD artwork, flyers, ads, and posters. Even without Photoshop she solved the never-ending problem of light bouncing off my chrome dome, setting me up for a perfect photo op after my concert at Anderson Fair in Houston. Now that’s an artist!

Originally posted 2010-06-09 19:12:40.