When the credits start rolling at the end of the movie, I’m amazed to see 91.65% of the audience drop their popcorn buckets on the floor and exit the theater. Not me. As a huge film buff I love watching the credits – where was it filmed, who wrote the music, who’s that furry headed guy I recognize but can’t name. In the entertainment industry, loads of people make the wheels turn. Without the directors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, set designers, digital artists, recording and sound engineers, the media and everyone else doing their part, the whole project would come to a screeching halt.

I have decided to select a few of the folks who make up the spokes (er, folks) in my wheel because my career would have died in the middle of the road without them. These are the people whom I still work with today, or have been a part of my musical journey sometime along the way. One of these folks even raised me (or at least tried!). My mom. Without her influence spilling over me from her career as a writer, I honestly have no idea if I would have chosen the musical path I have been on for over 35 years. Along her own path as a successful published writer, her work has appeared in publications from “Newsweek to Writer’s Digest”, “Women’s Circle” to “Bluegrass Unlimited.”  As a columnist for “Pickin’ Magazine”, she has interviewed everyone from Lester Flatt (Judy Paris with Lester Flatt in photo below) and Bill Monroe to Ralph Stanley and Hank Williams Jr.



I recently spoke with her to get her thoughts on her favorite memories from those times.

When and why did you get the urge to begin interviewing musicians?

“I heard a yodeler on the radio in 1940 when I was about 10 years old and fell in love with country and western music. A friend of mine was invited to write an article about a particular music group and she, claiming she was not a writer, offered the job to me. After that I was hooked and began writing to fan club presidents and initially interviewed them. Eventually I got to interview Flatt & Scruggs, Bill Monroe, and Hank Williams Jr. “

What are some of your favorite memories as a writer?

“Being invited to a party given by Hank Williams Jr. in honor of his late father and seeing Hank Williams Sr. a year before he passed away at the Riverside Rancho in California. Also, the visits to many festivals, especially our annual family visits to Renfro Valley, Kentucky.”








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