Lampifier has introduced professional, wired microphones having a phantom-powered audio-enhancing processor located inside the microphone handle.

The programmable sound processor optimizes the microphone for various applications such as Pro Concert Vocal, Intimate Stage Vocal, Podium/Lectern, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal Ensemble, and Instrument Amplifier.
No extra patch cables or outboard sound processors are required. The company claims to have “the world’s most convenient live performance microphones because achieving superior sound is so easy—just plug in and play.”

The internal processor enables the microphone to deliver a polished, professional sound right out of the box. It self-adjusts to the incoming sound, making program adjustments by the user generally unnecessary. The user also can reprogram the processor to use the microphone in other applications or customize the microphone to his/her personal style or preference. Reprogramming is done with the help of a free Online Programming Tool available at

Originally posted 2010-04-29 12:22:46.