A compilation album to benefit The Compound Studio located in Signal Hill, a suburb of Los Angeles, will be released digitally on May 29, 2012.

The studio that has recorded the likes of Mavis Staples, Marc Ford, Ryan Bingham, Mike Watt, Mike McCreedy (Pearl Jam), Ryan Adams, the Coldwar Kids, Phantom Limb from the UK and Krista Polvere from Australia is beloved by producers and artists because of its quality recordings achieved in the relaxed, organic recording environment. Many of these artists are featured on this new compilation, SOS: Save Our Studio – A Benefit Album, and will perform at the release party slated for Saturday, June 2, 7-9:30pm at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach, CA (420 East 4th St.; 562-433-4996; www.fingerprintsmusic.com).
The Compound Studio

Established in 2001 in part by chief engineer and producer Anthony Arvizu as a partnership deal, debt has been threatening to shut down The Compound Studio in recent months. In its attempt to stay open and service the community that it is such a vital part of, the studio put out a call to former clients to contribute songs to a benefit album.
Among those donating a song to SOS: Save Our Studio – A Benefit Album are Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Marc Ford, Mike Watt and The Black Gang (featuring Nels Cline), Neal Casal, Jay Buchanan, Phantom Limb, Free Moral Agents (Ikey Owens), Avi Buffalo, Crystal Antlers, Josh Freese, Krista Polvere, Chris Lizotte, Mike Malone, Jameson, Elijah Ford, Dumb Love, Mode, Jusso, Elderly Rock Opera, and The Wildbunch.
“The Compound Studio and Anthony are local treasures,” says Ford. “There are so few ‘real’ places that have the soul of The Compound Studio to record in LA, especially outside of the central LA area. I hate to think of the Compound not being around. I love creating there and producing projects there.”

The album can be purchased for $11.99 (or for a higher donation) at: http://thecompoundstudio.bandcamp.com/album/s-o-s-save-our-studio-an-album-to-benefit-the-compound-studio. For the full album stream, go to: http://thecompoundstudio.bandcamp.com/album/s-o-s-save-our-studio-a-benefit-album
Since its opening, The Compound Studio has been there serving local artists with great recordings that work within constrained budgets and has even done it share of gratis work for that rare up-and-comer who needed a break. Those who recognize the studio as a provider of good to the community are encouraged to help The Compound Studio now in its time of need so it can continue to shine its light and help others shine a bit brighter too.

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