The 2.4 GHz DWZ series includes combinations of hand-held mics, bodypack transmitters and rack-mount or compact size receivers.

The DWZ Series includes: DWZ-B30GB Digital Wireless Package-Guitar Set, DWZ-M50 Digital Wireless Package-Vocal Set, DWZ-B70HL Digital Wireless Package-Headset and Lavalier Set, and the DWZ-M70 Digital Wireless Package-Vocal/Speech Set.


The DWZ components share many high-performance features, including 24-bit linear PCM digital audio transmission, rack-mount receivers with integrated color LCD and built-in digital EQ, interchangeable handheld capsule design that supports Sony or third-party mic capsules, balanced and unbalanced audio outputs. To enhance performance, the new DWZ packages (DWZ-M70 and DWZ-B70HL) offer Sony’s Intelligent Feedback Reducer to suppress unwanted feedback (or “howling”), using a combination of high performance DSP and Sony’s unique algorithms. 


A maximum of 1024 bands suppression filters are continuously tuned automatically in real time, eliminating feedback and avoiding original signal deterioration. Users can freely select which audio outputs to apply this feedback reduction filter to – for example, output original audio to the main PA system while processed audio is delivered to their monitor speakers.


The series also gives users two modes of 2.4GHz frequency selection (wide band frequency hopping for simple operation or narrow band frequency hopping for coordinated spectrum use). Wide Band Hopping Mode reduces interference to other wireless equipment used in the same environment, such as Wi-Fi, and is also designed to support additional error correction for more secure transmission. Narrow Band Hopping Mode can help users avoid interference from other devices – for example, 2.4 GHz wireless remote controllers that are commonly used for lighting control.  This lets users coordinate frequencies when using multiple wireless systems simultaneously.

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Originally posted 2013-01-31 17:41:21.