Acclaimed alternative Country music duo SOLES OF PASSION are turning a lot of heads with their single & video “Got Me Surrounded”. The track of their solid debut album “BUMP ME UP”, takes the perspective of a family that worked all their lives to buy a home, only to have it taken from them by manipulative banks & mortgage industry characters that skirt the laws to add to their riches, rather than work with the homeowners on their debt. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been foreclosed by rich companies adding to their riches off the backs & dreams of hard working Americans, killing their ‘American dream.’

Everybody is fighting the same fight. the foreclosure disaster is everywhere.



Guitarist/writer Steven Wolfe states, “It is the biggest bank heist in history of humanity, the perpetrators are creating a massive money grab & in turn tearing apart the heartland of what made America strong before.” Vocalist Myla Snow continues, “We are here for the victims, we are not pointing fingers at certain banks, our problem is the way homeowners are being treated, it doesn’t have to be so cold & manipulative out of sheer greed.” Not only has SOLES OF PASSION created a 21st century protest song for the common man, but they have put their money where their mouth is and have created a charitable foundation, the FREEDOM ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION, to help families fight the unjust fight.

 “The Freedom Assistance Foundation is a non profit organization that we put together to be able to handle this effort, says Wolfe, “as we are part of a movement of entertainers & execs  creating awareness, fundraisers and concerts to get money to help raise support for this cause, which is affecting millions of Americans, and to try to help homeowners hold their positions in their homes.” Like FARM AID, NO NUKES, LIVE AID & so many others, entertainment leads the charge for injustice and bands together to raise awareness & support for a just cause. “Everything turned upside down, exclaims  unnecessarily, the banks can afford to help people stay in their houses, these large financial institutions do not have to do this, but they choose to do this if we can only help one family it’s a start & we plan to make a difference and create momentum for the little family with no voice.”

 Hats off to this dynamic duo with great songs, stellar voices and a heart that transcends their music. The heartland has a new voice to love, that is SOLES OF PASSION.

Originally posted 2012-07-17 16:25:06.