On August 17th and 18th the So Cal Guitar show happened at the Costa Mesa Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa, California. The event is put on by the Amigo group. This was the first year in ages that I wasn’t playing at the show for my sponosrs so I was able to actually walk around and enjoy the show and say hello to friends. These shows are run by Larry Briggs and his family and have a great family vibe at them unlike a lot of shows these days. As always there was a lot of great vintage , new and used gear at the show. I definitely saw more than a few things I wanted (as always) and its great to be able to sit and try things out where you can actually hear whats going on. There were many deals to be had. Plus they allow you to bring in your used gear to sell as well. Oh yeah, this years show was pretty well attended as it usually is. The Amigos guys do these shows all over the United States so If you’re into cool guitar gear definitely keep an eye open for their show near you.I highly recommend you check it out. if you’re wondering yes, I ended up getting something at the show.