June 4, 2011 —



Word is spreading that American singer, musician and songwriter Andrew Maurice Gold has passed away on June 3rd, 2011 from an apparent heart attack . His work includes the Top 10 single "Lonely Boy" (1977), as well as single "Thank You for Being a Friend" (1978) and "Never Let Her Slip Away" (1978). According to Wikipedia, his rendition of the theme from the television series Mad About You, entitled "Final Frontier," was used as the wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996.

From the Rev. — "Gold was most known for his hits Lonely Boy and the TV stuff. But he was an incredible arranger, too. Check out the YouTube link to a performance in 1974. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr9vKWLgZzo Gold is the guitar player on the left playing the Strat. Live version is cool but the studio version is straight out classic. And the arrangement is ALL him. And that middle section and the outro are genius. I spent a lot of time and effort recreating that for a horn band and it remains one of the best things we do. One of my fave pop rock arrangers ever." 


While information is limited as of this posting (and Wikipedia has yet to update) for more on Andrew Gold’s passing start with http://www.yakkityyaks.com/andrew-gold-dies-at-59/

For more on Andrew Gold’s stunning career, go to http://www.andrewgold.com/biography.htm