The new PSM® 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System from Shure aims to deliver an unprecedented combination of audio quality and RF performance to the most demanding professional events, installations, and tours.


At the heart of the PSM 900 system are a rugged, all-metal, ultra-thin wireless bodypack receiver (P9R) and a half-rack single wireless transmitter (P9T). The PSM 900 also will be available with Shure’s newly-introduced SE425 Sound Isolating™ Earphones, which feature enhanced sound signatures and premium dual speaker technology in a small, lightweight design. Unlike earlier SE models, the SE425 features a detachable cable and formable wire at the earpiece giving performers accurate sound and a secure fit.

Using Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding the PSM 900 delivers a more natural sound with less noise and greater dynamic range along with tight, controlled bass response and unparalleled stereo separation.

Advanced technologies provide robust performance in difficult RF environments. The PSM 900 receiver features the same front-end filter as Shure’s UHF-R® Wireless System, as well as Active RF Gain Control that automatically reduces receiver sensitivity when an overload of RF signal is detected. The PSM 900 provides the most stable RF performance of any monitoring system on the market.

The P9R is the thinnest personal monitor bodypack available. For maximum flexibility, the PSM 900 includes CueMode, a patent-pending feature that allows users to audition up to 20 different monitor mixes on a single bodypack at the touch of a button. Any P9R can be used in CueMode so that monitor engineers can quickly hear each performer’s mix, without the need for any additional equipment. The all-metal P9R is also rugged enough to withstand the abuse of nightly performances but packs advanced features like MixMode® technology, which allows performers to easily set their own levels and create the mix they want without affecting others on stage.

Even the most demanding professional applications requiring multiple RF channels witness vastly improved efficiencies through a near effortless set-up. Utilizing Scan and Sync technology, audio engineers can easily analyze the RF environment for interference and identify available compatible frequencies within seconds. In addition, the dedicated RF Mute feature gives users the ability to set up audio and RF parameters without transmitting.

With the PSM 900 personal monitor, audio has never sounded so good and required so little effort. “The audio quality of the PSM 900 system is remarkable!” raved Earl Neal, monitor engineer for country superstar Toby Keith. “The use of colors in the LEDs makes the system easy to read at-a-glance, and I really like the construction of the transmitter and pack. I can’t wait to use a rack of these on tour.”

Priced at $1,650USD (without earphones) or $1,800 (with SE425 earphones), the PSM 900 will ship in early to mid 2010. The systems will be available with and without premium Sound Isolating Earphones. The P9R wireless bodypack receiver and P9T wireless transmitter are available as separate components priced at $676USD and $974 respectively. All pricing listed is MSRP.

Originally posted 2010-02-03 20:36:30.