Sheptone Guitar Pickups announces the release of their complete assembly for strat-style pickguards.

The new harness comes fully assembled with Sheptone pickups and upgraded hardware. The assemblies are hand wired in the United States and are designed to improve the performance of stock components but also provide the musician with more versatility in their pursuit of tones. The harness will fit onto most strat-style pickguards allowing the player to maintain the vintage or stock look of their instrument.

With the push/pull pushed, and the midrange control in the center detent, your strat will perform as if it was stock. But that is where any other similarities will stop. The volume control potentiometer is an upgraded NOS Gibson 300K CGE with treble bleed circuit to help retain the highs as you turn down the volume. The middle tone control is replaced with a specially tapered, Rothstein pot with a center detent. At the detent, the control in bypassed but as the knob is turned down from 5 to 0, the control pulls the midrange frequencies out while leaving the highs and lows intact. Turning the knob up from 5 to 10 increases the midrange frequencies while still leaving the highs and lows intact. The second tone knob is replaced with a 250K push/pull pot that allows guitarists to activate the neck pickup when in positions one and two. With the pickup selector switch in position one and the push/pull pot pulled, the neck pickup is activated allowing the player to create tele-style sounds from their strat-style guitars. With the selector switch in position two and the push/pull pot out; all three pickups are now on. The versatility is designed to help musicians easily achieve the variety of tones they need and have been striving for since the release of the Fender Stratocaster over 50 years ago.

Additional upgrades include an Orange Drop 0.047capacitor, a Switchcraft output jack and Sheptone single coil pickups. A steel baseplate is included on the bridge pickup to add 15-20% more lows and mids.

The entire harness is passive so no batteries are required and because it mounts directly to your current pickguard, no modifications to the guitar are necessary. The Sheptone Strat Harness is available now, directly from Sheptone at

MSRP $255.00 USD

To learn more about Sheptone, visit their website at

About Sheptone
A little over seven years ago, Jeff Shepherd found himself in a local band and this is where the quest for tone began. An on-and-off recreational guitar player since the age of 12, the guitars he was playing live just didn’t sound the way he wanted. He purchased a set of 1958 Gibson PAF’s for a ridiculous $4000 to put in his EC-1000 and the difference was incredible. Being the type that likes to tinker and take things apart to see how they work (much to his parents dismay as a child), he began to experiment with winding his own pickups and comparing them to his 1958 originals, back and forth, adjust and re-adjust for over a year until he finally was able to duplicate THAT tone. Since then he has been fortunate enough to extensively analyze over 100 of those old humbuckers, developing a consistent modern recipe as a reasonably priced substitute for over-priced vintage pickups. With a lot of work and some luck along the way, his original curiosity exploded into a full time business, now shipping to every guitar playing country in the world based on word-of-mouth alone. Sheptone has since developed several lines of pickups including Strat, Tele, P90, Bass, and others based on the same principles and procedures.

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