Halfway through my 37th year as a Mobile DJ/Entertainer, I have to wonder when am I going to wake up from this dream.


This business has afforded me many wonderful opportunities, such as traveling, working at some of the finest venues, meeting many celebrities, the opportunity to become an author, an endorsed artist and induction to the American Disc Jockey Hall of Fame. Although I have been truly blessed, fame was never what my heart was seeking.


I think about the many men and women who I have crossed paths with in the DJ industry, some who are out of the business, some who are no longer with us on this earth, yet I have made many friends with those who are my colleagues, and who have helped me become a better entertainer. I have had a wonderful love affair with this industry and hope to continue for as many more years as the good Lord allows.


My dear friend and colleague Robert Lindquist once told me that ” In the DJ industry, we are big fish in a small pond.” This is a very accurate statement, as most people who try getting into the entertainment are seeking fame and fortune, however very few possess the talent and ability, or the drive and desire to have what it takes to become successful.


I mentioned my credentials for a reason. Not to draw attention to myself, but rather to honestly share with you my thoughts about the DJ industry, You see friends, as I have had the privilege to be a DJ for all these years, the key to my success has been to make others better, to encourage them and give them the confidence to believe in themselves and become outstanding performers. Within our industry, yes I may have made a name for myself, but outside our industry, I’m not even noticed in my local grocery store. So you see, it really is a small pond.


If you are seeking fame and fortune only, do yourself and your clients a favor, please stay out of the entertainment arena. You must truly have a love of music and a desire to serve people. We are in the entertainment industry, but we are also in the service industry, meaning we are here to serve others first before we serve ourselves.  


Secondly, don’t ever believe you own press clippings. In other words, leave your ego at the door.  And thirdly, make sure you go out of your way to service your clients with your very best effort. Follow these three steps and the fame, notoriety and fortune will come to you and hopefully you too can fulfill a lifelong dream. 

Originally posted 2011-08-17 21:21:30.