In August I attended the 2015 ScareLA show in Pasadena at the Convention Center. The show was held on August 8th and 9th this year. Since I had never attended the show before I had no idea what to expect but being a huge fan of Halloween I an idea what I hoping it would be a fun show.
Well when we arrived of course it was a really hot day and then we turned the corner to there was a giant pumpkin in front of the venue and a line to get in that went way around the building with most people in full costume. Well usually I’m pretty bummed about long lines especially outside in the heat but the line actually moved very fast and for the most part was in the shade ( Lucky for us!!) .
We were soon inside and it was like we were in Halloween a couple months early which was great… lots of cool scary costumed cos players wandering the lobby and show.Once inside it was definitely a spooky Halloween vibe with lots of great cool vendors with horror themed merchandise and some really great T-shirts for sure. They also had a room with several cool scary mazes. For added effect the room was very dark and they had a smoke machine going for the added London fog effect to make it extra spooky (It worked) . Of course they also had some cool panels and some Celebrity signings as well and even had a dance troop do the Time Warp in full Rocky Horror attire , it really was a fun show and I had a really good time and would definitely recommend it if you like horror / Halloween stuff.