Music Is The Power, Use It! By Robert A. Lindquist, L2P Network Minister of Network Operations "The most successful singers and musicians of all time were the ones who stayed relevant to changing times, and did it with their own personal style… and let the chips fall where they may."


Up and Back In The Game By Richard Gilewitz "Six weeks have past since my last writing regarding a case of being “down but not out.” At that time, I shared my feelings and “actions” following emergency back surgery, which resulted in the need to cancel, not just several dates, but an entire extended tour at the last minute."

Peer-to-Peer Online Networking By Cybergirl. "I was talking to my dad recently about some of the things that we’re developing for the L2P Network’s ever growing online presence, and we started discussing different kinds of audiences—which is something you need to know if you want to improve your own online presence."

SPECIAL FEATURE: How To Record Your Band Live By Bruce Bartlett "Ever thought about recording your band at a gig, and producing a live CD? It’s not too difficult, and can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. Doing it yourself may not provide the sonic polish of a professional recording, but if your CD conveys how you sound live, that’s often good enough."

SPECIAL FEATURE: How To Make Your Live CD, Come ALIVE! By R.A. Lindquist, L2P Minster of Network Operations. "Live Recordings Provide Both marketing And Merchandise—IF You Capture the Energy Both Sonically and Visually"

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