When I’m not playing, I really enjoy attending various Comic book and Sci/Fi Conventions. I find that they’re great fun and I actually get inspired creatively by them. Best of all you meet great people at the events.

Ronny at Long Beach Comic ConIn August I attended the 2015 Long Beach Comic Book Convention.  It is held at the Long Beach Convention Center which is right on the bay and has a nice view of the Queen Mary.  The show was held on September 12th and 13th this year. When I walked into the lobby the place was packed and there were even dance troops in full Cos-Play outfits doing synced dance routines (for an explanation of Cos-Play, see my article on Comic-Con here).

When we walked into the main room it was packed wall to wall with booths.  There were lots of cool Sci-Fi merchandise, a cool lazer tag course, and there were even some booth with rock bands promoting their things. On one wall they had an area for all the celebrity signings. There was so much great energy in the place and I saw some very  impressive Cos-Play outfits on attendees walking the show.

As with most Con’s they also had some cool panels to sit in on various Con related subjects ( for example, one such panel was on sword play).  It was a great way to spend a Saturday and I even ran into a few friends including my friend who is the drummer for the KISS tribute act KISSED Alive. He was in full costume at the show promoting his band and he fit right in.

If you get to Long Beach in September you should definitely check out the Long Beach Comic Book Convention. I’m glad I did.

LB CC Attendance