Roland U.S. has announced the availability of the new line of V-Compact Series V-Drums, the TD-4KX2 and TD-4K2 which feature the playability and sound quality of Roland’s V-Drums with unique Coach and recording functions that’s ideal for any drummer.

Both the TD-4KX2 and TD-4K2 include the TD-4 Percussion Sound Module which features drum and percussion sounds that can be edited and allows the user to customize their kits. Ambience effects optimized for drums are also included. The Coach and Quick Record/Quick Play functions are ideal for effective practice, providing drummers with valuable feedback for rapid improvement.

The TD-4KX2 features Roland’s patented multi-layer mesh heads for the snare and toms, providing the feel and sensitivity Roland V-Drums are known for. The new KD-9 Kick Pad includes a new cloth-designed bass drum head and provides accurate triggering with natural response and feel. In addition, the improved design and simple, solid mechanics of the KD-9 makes setup quick and easy. The new lightweight CY-13R ride (with three-way triggering) and CY-12C crash V-Cymbals offer a more natural swinging motion and playing feel.

The new TD-4K2 V-Compact Series V-Drums kit also features Roland’s patented multi-layer mesh head for the snare. This revamped kit includes the improved KD-9 Kick Pad as well, which provides a natural feel, well-balanced sensitivity, and quiet operation. The TD-4K2 is also expandable with an optional V-Pad or V-Cymbal.

“With drummers, it’s all about how a kit feels and plays,” says Tim Root, Product Manager for the Roland Drums & Percussion Division. “The TD-4K2 and TD-4KX2 represent the latest improvements to the playability of our TD-4 series, and go hand-in-hand with the great sounds, Rhythm Coach® exercises, Quick Record/Quick Play function, and affordable price points that makes these kits winners.”

MSRP is $1799 US for the TD-4KX2 and $1199 US for the TD-4K2. For more information, click here.

Originally posted 2011-06-24 19:45:46.