Los Angeles, CA — May 2, 2011 —

Roland is now shipping the new CUBE-XL BASS Amplifier series, a significant update to the bass amp segment of the million-selling CUBE amplifier family. Equipped with cutting-edge features, construction, and sound quality that far exceeds others in their price class, the CUBE-XL Bass Amplifiers offer bassists of all levels the very best in portable and affordable amplification.

The three models in the CUBE-XL Bass Amplifier series—the CUBE-20XL BASSCUBE-60XL BASS, and CUBE-120XL BASS—range in power from 20 to 120 watts, so there’s an amp to meet the needs of everyone from bedroom jammers to gigging professionals. Features include a high-performance DSP engine for superb tone, multiple COSM® amp models (including the new Super Low amp on the CUBE-120XL BASS and CUBE-60XL BASS), updated effects (including the new Drive and Poly Octave), onboard phrase looping (CUBE-120XL BASS and CUBE-60XL BASS), and Power Squeezer (CUBE-60XL BASS and CUBE-20XL BASS) and SOLO functions.

Built with premium, durable components, the CUBE-XL BASS amplifiers are ready for the long haul. Notable construction features include high-grade plywood cabinets, full-length corner guards, and metal grilles for the ultimate speaker protection. Additionally, the amps are equipped with custom-designed speakers (including two-way coaxial speakers on the CUBE-120XL BASS and CUBE-60XL BASS) and custom flared ports (CUBE-120XL BASS and CUBE-60XL BASS) for a tight, punchy sound and superior deep bass performance.

CUBE-XL Bass Amplifier Series Comparison Chart

  CB-120XL CB-60XL CB-20XL
MSRP $765.00 $569.00 $305.00
Power Output 120W 60W 20W
Speaker 12" Coaxial 10" Coaxial 8"
COSM Amps 8 types, including Super Low 8 types, including Super Low 6 types
Effects 7 types 7 types 7 types
SOLO Function Included (Memory) Included (Memory) Included (Boost)
Looper 80 seconds 80 seconds ?
Power Squeezer ? Included Included
Tuner Included Included Included
AUX IN Included Included Included


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