Music is a universal language & the latest edition of the ROCK ALLEGIANCE TOUR proves that, with a combination of bands from different parts of the World. Featuring VOLBEAT from Denmark, HIM from Scandinavia’s Finland, ALL THA REMAINS from the east coast of U.S. & AIRBOURNE from Australia (who cancelled this leg due to family issues down under). Featuring ex-ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano, VOLBEAT has a great rock style, mixing huge riffs, lots of swagger & unique vocals by the retro/Elvis-leaning looking Michael Poulsen.   Their sound, style & fun live show was refreshing in an ever increasing scream emo style of ‘singing’ in Rock.

Real singers & real players, is OUR new battlecry. Enough autotune/backing track bands or noisy, screaming artists with impossible to understand lyrics! Bring real talent back & we got it here at ROCK ALLEGIANCE. Finland’s HIM brought their popular ‘Love Metal’ style with lots of passion, emotion & feeling in their music.

Led by the charismatic singer / frontman Vile Valo, HIM had the Hollywood Palladium crowd up & singing along with their distinctive style. Hot girls in lots of black tight outfits screamed for HIM’s sex symbol frontman and were transfixed by every word. “We just do our thing,” says HIM’s singer Vile Valo, “as the music comes very organically & can’t be rushed!”

Opening the show was New England’s ALL THAT REMAINS with a harder metallic sound that got the mosh pits started, as they played hits from their new album as well as selections from over the years. All in all it was a great night of Rock from all parts of the globe – professing our ALLEGIANCE to ROCK!

Originally posted 2013-10-08 18:26:34.