When it became clear to me I was on the front end of developing topics for a traveling guitar workshop that I would soon take around the world, I discovered a ready-made palette of subject ideas. 

I had released a book through Mel Bay Publications titled “Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop” – a 96-page book with an audio CD and a DVD included – that was based on the concept of answering the most popular questions I had been asked while conducting sponsor supported guitar seminars worldwide.
GillaCamp, I realized, could continue along in this fashion, as an expansion of this book and I now had the perfect opportunity to do more one-on-one teaching with students within a group setting. Everything from right hand picking positions and technique, dynamics within the music dependent upon musi cal styles, slide guitar, proper use of a metronome, basic music theory, composition, and the exploration of open tunings were givens for the GillaCamp since they proved to be the most popular topics during my seminars.  www.melbay.com/product.asp
 Playing guitar – or any instrument – requires work and I constantly try to offer encouragement during my workshops. It is all about the patient development of superb technique, a passion for the music you are learning to play, and the process of enjoying the journey.   

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Originally posted 2009-09-09 21:24:19.