It seems wherever I travel on the road – anywhere in the world – I encounter some clown (and I mean that in the most endearingly possible way) with a t-shirt sporting yet another insightful, brilliant, or simply downright hilarious anecdote.


I recall once time in San Francisco when I was preparing to visit Alcatraz Island, a popular tourist attraction for those drawn to dark and haunted spaces.   Standing among us was a young and rather serious looking man with a t-shirt that read, “If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand”.   From that moment, the impact of that comment practically became a philosophy for me.  I felt as if I had entered Yoda’s den and came out with a beautiful nugget to guide me through life.

Another one of the more relevant observations worn by an enlightened few initially put me on the floor, as I tactfully stared at a chest only to read, “I see dumb people.”

Along my travel journeys through Ireland visiting a local coffeehouse, on a train out of Frankfurt Germany (“Instant Human: Just Add Coffee”), and in an airport prior to my 4th adventure to New Zealand, I have encountered a few new favorites.  So, I’d like to thank all you clowns out there for returning the favor and putting a smile on MY face, while I’ll do what I can to reciprocate.  We touring entertainers need to be entertained too, y’ know, so keep up the good work!

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Originally posted 2009-10-21 23:12:28.