One thing I have to remember about road adventures is the coming home part.  There needs to be some sort of a strategy in order to enjoy both a home and a road life.

If I ever catch myself on the road yearning for home or at home getting antsy about hitting the road again, I know there is something out of kilter and I need to correct it by adjusting my tour schedule. I’m asked repeatedly about how to accomplish this balance.

Basically. it’s really up to each individual to determine his or her own sense of equilibrium. For me, the balance is entirely recognizable when I suddenly realize that I am enjoying myself equally on the road and at home.

I hear many musicians discuss home and road life, with topics ranging from diet and bad drivers, to sleep and exercise (too much or lack of), but I rarely hear them discuss their needs regarding their road tools. Keeping my guitar medicine kit in check keeps me on an even keel while touring. Part of the stability of my kit I owe to the Audio-Technica Artist Elite microphones that are prominent in the sound I want for a good performance. The AE5100 condenser mic helps me add in that pure natural guitar sound that balances perfectly during amplification. And somehow the AE6100 voice mic always seems to make my jokes sound even funnier – at least on the road.


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Originally posted 2009-10-16 02:00:13.