Every trip out the door, down the road, or around the world offers new – and many times – unscripted adventures.  Although I’m generally tied to a tight itinerary, it’s always a complete surprise as to who I will run into (whether new acquaintances or old friends), when I stumble upon uncharted regions and lands, or how I invent unique ways to simply pass the time in a hotel room when not trying to write a tune.

The invitation to attend the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in California was quite a thrill for me since it was an opportunity to not only teach a workshop and perform, but also to finally say hello to some of the great touring artists out there and spend time hanging out with some of my sponsors and other folks involved in the music industry.

Meeting up in one location with players like Alex DeGrassi and Harvey Reid, Acoustic Guitar Magazine Publisher Dan Gabel, and with Brian Vance and Gary Mobley, my D’Addario and Shubb sponsors, was almost all it took to round out a great musical weekend that was topped off with a dinner complete with a lovely belly dancer greeting us at our table.

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Originally posted 2009-10-07 18:32:52.