Having sprouted its roots in the USA, GillaCamp has expanded on a globetrotting journey across the ponds. I must admit that the first thing I have noticed is something that didn’t surprise me, but did encourage and enlighten me. It seems that the favorite and most consistent element of all the GillaCamps has been the camaraderie of the players, regardless of age, nationality, gender, or ability. I have observed how common it is for the more seasoned players (seeming to remember where they came from themselves) to gravitate toward a support role for the beginners.

At a few international GillaCamps, some of the attendees with limited English speaking skills have encountered minor language barriers. Once again, I have witnessed an entire group offer support and have even seen one or two compassionate individuals moved toward becoming somewhat of a permanent support system to those individuals during the course of the GillaCamp.

In addition to noticing the positive group dynamics unfolding without any interference from me, I also continue to detect what I have always sensed – that the language of music is truly universal. Although there may be speaking language barriers or even cultural differences, music seems to be a universal bond that travels across the globe.

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Originally posted 2009-09-30 20:58:06.