My second trip to MusikMesse Frankfurt confirms what I had sensed and now actually encountered. A plethora of brilliant and creative musicians worldwide create a universal language. To describe what I heard and witnessed would seem pointless, diluted, and most likely misinterpreted. Musical experiences must be sought out and experienced by the individual firsthand. 



Although my obvious intention for attending MusikMesse was to further my career, make new contacts, and share my music, it was also to improve my insights by immersing myself in this environment of musicians, promoters, vendors, music dealers, and world media. I cannot think of another way to notch oneself up OR DOWN musically. Therein lies that tricky part. I am thankful to have learned that regardless of ability, credentials, accolades, and on-stage familiarity that define you as a “professional”, it is easy to forget and succumb to the race. Our culture thrives on competition, with the significance of simple enjoyment often left out. With the right attitude we have opportunities to grow as musical people, learn from this creative environment, and remember that we are simply just part of that giant world of talent.

Next week: New Zealand


Originally posted 2009-07-29 18:18:08.