From Germany to New Zealand to the USA. How’s that for picking up some air miles and extra peanuts?

Upon my return from touring the beautiful land of New Zealand, I flew to Salt Lake City to join my Nashville friends, “Plaidgrass”.


We then drove to Rock Springs, Wyoming to perform at International Day, a day-long event featuring music, foods, and goods from around the world – a special tribute to the 56 nationalities that make up the community of Rock Springs. Players, dancers, demonstrators – complete with a roaming accordion player -and food vendors rounded out this annual summer festival in Bunning Park.

Operating on my own jet-lag timing from traveling around several time zones with only 2 days between the tours, it was quite a challenge to play with these top notch players who have absolute rock-solid timing . But it was great fun and I quickly locked in the groove as I seized this opportunity to hone my musical and performance skills.

To further test my mettle, in the middle of my first tune with Plaidgrass I was stung on the back of my neck by an enthusiastic bee. As I feverishly swatted away at my head after a brief noggin-boogie-dance, Tim May quickly covered for me on guitar – laughing his head off as the audience watched my own animated head movements. Perhaps stage antics should be added to the universal language of music!


Richard Gilewitz



Originally posted 2009-08-12 14:56:31.