As a drummer, audio engineer, and a technology writer,  I’ve found it difficult to not be skeptical about digital drum kits, until a friend insisted I check out the Yamaha DTX-950.


By Daniel East


The Yamaha DTX-950 digital drums combine a more natural playing “feel”, great sound and a ton of features—the sensation is that it is not a digital drum set at all. In comparison to competing models, the footprint of the DTX-950 is larger, but no so much as other brands’ “faux-acoustic” drums. The DTX-950 has an incredibly durable feel and outstanding build quality that holds up to the most aggressive playing with tactile appeal that allows for finesse and sensitivity down to a proper buzz roll, or for any style of drumming in between. This kit does not feel like an advanced toy or a tech gadget. This is a professional quality product for any drummer who wants or needs electronic drums.


The test configuration included Yamaha’s DTX-M12 percussion pads as a sidecar, plus (highly recommended) the outstanding Ocean Way Drums sound modules. What you get is nearly limitless possibilities, capabilities, and usability that is a lot of fun to play. With that said, all of this quality comes with a price that is on par with Yamaha’s best acoustic drums; however, when you consider its applications and functionality, the DTX-950 is a great value. (Read the rest of Dan’s review)

Originally posted 2011-12-03 23:10:25.