We dropped it. HARD. Because that’s just how we roll around here…

For the record, whenever we get a product around here that claims it can be dropped and still either protect something or function properly – we don’t take people’s word for it. 

We drop it ourselves. Usually that’s a mic. Or a pedal. Or a DJ mix station. But in the case of Reunion Blues Continental gig bags, which would have to be loaded with one of our own guitars – we were talking about a whole different “thang.”


The RB Continental series gig bags are constructed with a shock-absorbing “Flexoskeleton” and a “suspension” system that helps to protect the instrument should it actually land on a hard surface. Reunion Blues put their bags to the test by throwing one loaded with a solid body guitar off of a 4 story building. 


So…because we pride ourselves around here at Live2Play on giving musicians what they really need – the whole truth about the products they are going to buy – we decided to do the same thing. 


I loaded a hollow-body guitar into the RB Continental bag and proceeded to the roof, while Andrea ventured down to the empty lot below and awaited the arrival of a flying cased guitar.


The results are captured in the video below. And we want to make sure everyone understands that YOU SHOULD NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Mostly because it’s highly illegal – particularly within certain high traffic city limits. But also because…hey…we did it for you! 


Originally posted 2012-09-13 05:39:12.