VIDEO: As any accomplished motorhead knows, Turbo means power. Even in a hot little wagon like our own Rev. Bill’s HHR, a turbo makes a mundane litttle sennzer into a fire breathing beast… at least it’s true in the automotive world, but does that really apply to loudspeaker technology, or is this just more marketing mumbo? There’s no getting around the fact that ‘Turbosound’ is a cool name for a loudspeaker company—it sounds loud and forceful even before power is applied. And, when you study the design of these speakers, and listen to how they sound, it’s my guess they could’ve called them “Dogfood” and met with the same success.


If you are not familiar with the brand, you have, most likely, heard Turbosound speakers in the concert environment. In the large scale touring market, Turbosound has sold more than 30,000 loudspeaker systems, and was a market leader through the ’80s and ’90s. Turbosound has also applied its designs and technology to fixed installations such as theatre and House Of Worship, and A/V. This is why you’ll find Turbosound products in the touring rigs of major artists as well as ihanging in cafes, pubs,  nightclubs, churches; and sports arenas.


So, with that as the backstory, Turbosound was back at the 2013 NAMM show introducing it’s updated Milan Series. Here’s a brief video snippet from the introduction:



According to Turbosound, the Milan range has been totally re-engineered, with significantly updated and more efficient Class D amplifiers, for high headroom and an improved dynamic range with clarity and definition. There are five models: a 10″ two-way (M10), 12” two-way (M12), 15″ two-way (M15), a new compact 15” bandpass (M15B) subwoofer and the 18″ bandpass (M18B) sub. The three 1,000-Watt full-range cabinets also feature Klark Teknik digital signal processing, the two subwoofer models are powered by 1,500-Watt dual-channel amplifiers, allowing left/right stereo systems to be built with only one subwoofer. We’re not sure on prices or availablity yet, but are looking forward to getting our hands on a pair for a road test within the next few months.

Originally posted 2013-02-08 16:52:35.