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Wind Instruments


The earliest flute was nothing more than a hollow stick with a few holes drilled into it.  But there’s no law that requires the flute to be made of wood or metal (clay flutes are not uncommon).  Here a carrot (!) is hollowed out to create an instrument of similar tonality, the ocarina.


Rather than being a true flute, this video demonstrates how to construct a recorder-like mouthpiece which is simpler to master.


And with wind instruments, the longer the chamber, the lower the notes the instrument is capable of producing.  Often this makes the instrument cumbersome to transport or even play.  Traditional, conventional bass wind instruments often have their length doubled back, but here a repurposed coiled garden hose provides a cleaver solution.


It appears that an actual clarinet mouthpiece was used on this coiled hose contra bass clarinet, but one might speculate that a mouthpiece fashioned as per the carrot ocarina attached to the coiled hose might provide the desired results.


Sure it is great to have a shiny new instrument and the latest innovations, but when push comes to shove it is about playing and creating.  And, perhaps, you get a higher level of gratification playing on an instrument of your own creation…or at the very least…a great appreciation for the store-bought instruments you do own.


– Jake Kelly 




Originally posted 2013-05-02 21:13:01.