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Wash Tub Bass


The wash tub bass, often called a gut bucket bass, is the poor boy alternative to the upright bass.  Once again, a metal container…this time a old fashioned 12 gallon…comes to the rescue providing about a soundboard and a resonator.


The inverted tub has a simple eyebolt in the center of the bottom (which, inverted is now the top) to which a string is attached (a length of nylon rope is used in the video).  The other end of the string is attached to the end of a broomstick, or the handle of a studier tool such as a gardening hoe that has the blade assembly removed.  This stick has a slot cut into the opposite end that allows it to rest (and pivot) on the raised lip on the edge of the tub.


The tension on the cord (and therefore the pitch) can be changed by either pitching the stick forward or backwards, or by griping the string along the length of the stick.




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