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Gas Can Guitar


If the twenty or so bucks it might cost to put together, here’s another route.  This one goes back to using a gasoline can, but the can is kept fully in tact (well, maybe minus the lid).  As with the cigarbox instruments, using pre-existing structure makes the project move along quickly.  Using common tools (hammer, tin snips, knife) and common hardware (nails, weed-whacker cord for string) such instruments can be constructed within a day, or even within hours.


As demonstrated at the end of this clip, there is shear joy that can be achieved from even the simplest of instruments with crude construction.


With access to better tools and parts, the instruments can become more refined.  Here a more conventional fretted neck is added to the gas can body to create these banjos:


(Of course, care must be taken using these and all tools.  In addition to using them properly – which is not always the case in these videos – properly safety measures such as wearing protective eyewear and gloves is necessary.  Anyone taking on building these instruments assumes their own liability.)





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