The latest addition to the Live2Play audio arsenal is a pair of QSC KW152 powered speakers—we only wish this little video camera … could do a better job of letting you hear just how great they sound. So far, we’ve had these out at four gigs, the smallest being a group of thirty people in the side room at a local party house, and the largest being a gymatorium (or audnasium) at what was once part of a local University. Granted, for the smaller events, these speakers are most definitely overkill, but I’ve always been of the belief that it’s better to have more power than you need than to come up short. In addition to the KW 152 tops, we also have a KW 181 sub that we’re anxiously awaiting an opportunity to use. So far, we haven’t needed ’em as those 15″ drive in the 152s have been getting the job done quite nicely.

What’s with the “W”? First there was the K-Series, which has now been out a little over two years. The K-Series features three different 2-way systems (with 8″, 10″ and 12″ LF drivers) constructed of molded ABS and the K-Sub, which is of birch construction. The advantages to ABS is that it’s lightweight and (at least with QSC’s ABS models) totally seamless for a sturdy, tight, well-balanced, unit. UPDATE: Read our new review on the K-Series (5/2012)

On the downside, ABS has it’s limits and venturing beyond a 2-way 12″ can be problematic. So, in order to create boxes with with “bigger bass,” the engineers at QSC opted to go back to a material that has been used in loudspeaker construction for decades: Birch wood. The difference is, this time they were armed with new ideas and technologies that shaved 30 or more pounds off comparable cabinets of the past. In addition, the new KW Series features the same, now-road-proven 1000W Class D amp that’s been in service on the K-Series for over 2 years. This means that, along with larger low frequency drivers, you’re also getting QSC’s extensive DSP featuring DEEP™—which is sort of like being able to turn your amp up to “11”—only with just the bass. We’ll talk more about that in the second part of this review and give you a demo from the studio where you should be able to get a better idea of the kind of “over the top” bass these boxes put out. For now here’s a short video from a recent gig the will give you at least, a little idea of how the KW 152 looks and sounds.

Here’s some additional information on the KW series from QSC’s Ray Van Straten: