Can the QSC K12 stand up to a gigging bass players’ expectations? Let’s find out…

We’ve shown you around the QSC K series loudspeaker as a stereo PA already (the Rev and Dave Tennant give you an inside tour in the video below).

But we’ve also decided to do a series of reviews that use the K series – specifically the K10 and K12 – as an alternative to carrying larger amps for other instruments, including bass, guitar and keyboards. The K series makes a perfect accompanying speaker for a lot of today’s newer digital gear, particularly iPad technology, where you may want a really clean uncolored speaker on the front end. And the fact that it the series delivers a 1000 watt class D amp coupled with easy connections on the back and QSC’s trademark DEEP system that enhances overall bass presence make it an interesting alternative to hauling around a heavier amp when what you really needs is some solid clean sound.

We started this series with something a little crazy – using the K12 as a bass amp in a small bar gig. Sure – it’s unconventional, but you know how we are around here – if it’s never been done before – BRING IT. Because mostly we care about how something sounds and whether it makes our lives as musicians easier or better.

So I brought it. To a gig. The first video is gig footage. Just a warning that on your computer speakers, you are probably not going to hear the depth of the bass. This test video is best listened to on either real monitors or headphones in order to really understand how well the K12 performed that night.

Also – rather than bore you with more text – I’ve done a short summary video that tells you all you need to know about how the K12 performed for me that night.??

You can learn more about the K series HERE. Or just stick around. We’re going to be putting this speaker through a lot of paces over the next few months…

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Originally posted 2012-06-11 03:14:29.