Some of the best songwriters of all time saw themselves not just songwriters, but as historians, and we’re not just talking about folk and country singers. In good times and bad, some of the best songs have expressed what a particular segment of the population was either feeling or thinking.

For example, here’s one from Johnny Cash that goes back to the ’70s, but is enjoying renewed popularity thanks to the Internet. Why? Up until a couple of months ago, this was just an extremely dated, all-but-forgotten Cash song about what was going on in the US auto industry. Overtime, however, those sloppy practices have caught up with the giant automaker and look where it is today. Give a listen to Johnny Cash’s ode to GM entitled, "One Piece at a Time," and then ask yourself, if the "Man In Black" where alive today, what would he say in the sequel. If you that gets your creative juices flowing, and you decide to write and record the follow-up, send it in—it just may earn you and your song a feature spot on the L2P Network and on the L2PBandSpace.

Originally posted 2009-06-22 15:06:41.