Propellerhead’s conference for producers gives Reason users up close contact with the pros.

I had the pleasure of attending Propellerhead’s Producer Conference held at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood this past weekend. The day was about showing some new technology in the popular DAW Reason, some tips and tricks if you already owned it, for professionals to talk about how they use it and share some of their experiences in the music industry.

Kurt Kurasaki at Propellerhead Producer's Conference 2012
KURT KURASAKI aka PEFF came out to talk about a few new things including introducing Rack Effects and the Rack Effect store. The store is similar to the ITunes store. You’ll be able to purchase everything from Refills to new effects and instruments as they are released. Speaking of releasing, he demonstrated the new BuffRe (around $85) a beat repeater effect that can be controlled through your keyboard and does some really cool effects including instant reverse, slow down, stuttering, sweeping back an forth, bit crushing.

It actually samples in real time and you can create some great sounds on the fly… Daddy likes a lot!  Another cool thing Propellerhead is doing with this release you can download BuffRe for a trial period of 30 days. If you decide to buy it before those 30 days, you can get it for a discount around $55. I don’t know if this discount scenario will be their future model when introducing new effects and instruments. Another interesting direction Propellerhead is going is opening up their store to sell 3rd party effects and instruments designed for REASON. they will work with REASON  seamlessly no matter if designed by a top audio company or some dude in his garage.
Matt Pipper and James Bernard, Propellerhead Producer's Conference 2012
Other new products from Propellerhead included a new IPad app (99 cents) which sounded like a scaled down version where you can create on the go. I don’t know how much integration there is into the full version so you might want to check Apples App store or the Reason site. Another product discussed was BALANCE, a new low latency I/O that comes with the jam packed REASON essentials. Essentials reminds me of an earlier version of REASON in terms of that they don’t give you all the great bells and whistles of the latest version. This version is also available as a stand alone for $99 and is still a great tool if you want to see what REASON is about.

The next 2 hours were to show Reason in action. Matt Pipper, a product specialist came out and started with a skeleton track he and James Bernard started before the conference. He added a few electric and acoustic guitar parts all played on a Line 6 Variax and some pre recorded vocals. Matt talked about working with Blocks and loop sections either drawing them in or copying them across the grid.
Matt Pipper Projection Screen at Propellerhead Producer's Conference 2012
James Bernard took over to show the Mix/Mastering stage in REASON. He went through a number of tips and tricks in a short amount of time. I’ve seen a few of his videos on YouTube and wish he had more time.

Next up was Adam Dorn who, in my opinion was gold. He brought a different energy to the conference talking about his life experiences and background in the music industry. He was telling it like it is and offered some valuable advice and direction for trying to make a go at it in this crazy industry. If you get a chance to hear Adam speak, I highly recommend it

Unfortunately the day was running late and I had to leave just before Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar took the stage.

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