In today’s world of music, up and coming artists are in need of being their own agents, managers and producers. We have to envision ourselves as a product and sell ourselves as such. Having the ability to draft a press release regarding your new single or new album is important as well as knowing where to email such releases in terms of the music and performing trade press. Take advantage of youtube, myspace and even Facebook as a platform for building your name and getting your music heard. I personally have both a Facebook and music myspace account. While Facebook does not currently offer the ability to post your music, I make sure that I promote my myspace page on the Facebook site to drive traffic to my myspace page. It is also important to search for music submission sites online that might play your music – particularly independent music sites. That is my tip for the day. Stay tuned for more of my tips and other news as there will be more to come.

Originally posted 2008-11-26 01:05:40.