Sometimes going old skool can be putting your best foot forward.

When presenting your package to the world, don’t poo-poo the traditional press kit.  Since EPKs (electronic press kits) have become the norm, a well-crafted ‘real’ press kit can get the attention of movers and shakers in a memorable way.


Yes, they’re expensive but if you’re approaching investors, managers and club promoters,  which do you think makes the better impression, a link to your MySpace page or Sonicbids EPK or a meticulously artful press kit with paper, CDs, quotes and a 

look that screams ‘I’m serious and I’ve got an artistic vision!’?


My guest Chase in the accompanying ‘In Studio with Lisa Popeil’ video interview has the most impressive press kit I’ve ever seen.  It’s a pleasure to hold and peruse. It conveys his commitment to his career. His press package, containing 2 CDs, photos, cover letter, quotes, testimonials and reviews has generated top club and management offers because it’s such a stand-out.

If you have the luxury of creating a real press kit,  ideally hire a graphic artist whose work you’ve seen and admired.  Pick a font style or clever themed logo that pops off the page.  This is not a corporate resume.  You can’t be afraid to sell and sell hard.


Though ‘fluffing’ your copy with superlatives may seem immoral to high-minded artistes, business is business and there is a definite ‘fake it til you make it’ slant which is at the very heart of publicity.  Even when you become a household name, padding is the norm so keep your sincerity to your lyrics.


Don’t do any one thing when moving your career into high gear. Do everything you can afford and if you can’t afford, then offer to barter for the services you need.  You’d be surprised how happy a graphic artist or local printer might be if you offer to clean their house or run errands for them!

Originally posted 2012-03-26 00:01:04.