PreSonus Studio One is a serious piece of software regardless of what genre of music you’re recording, but for the Hip Hop producer it is a power house.


Dominic Bazile starts at the top and works his way through a new song in this PreSonusphere tutorial.  Taking an audio sample from a vintage movie soundtrack, Bazile cuts, pastes, chops, changes speed and reassembles the pieces.


Then he continues on creating beats, quantizing when needed, adds swing…piece by piece creating an undeniable groove.


What is great about this video is that each tweak he makes is shown on the actual computer screen he is working on as he describes exactly what he’s doing and why he is doing.  Bazile is humble, showing his mistakes and how he uses the Studio One software to correct them.


While the focus is Hip Hop, it is easy to see how these elements could be applied to rock, pop, country…and how forgiving it can be for occasional error.  Not that we make any of those.


– Jake Kelly




Originally posted 2013-11-20 22:28:27.