Nimbit is a marketing and promotion powerhouse for musicians that increases sales and grows your fan list both online and from live shows. 


When PreSonus acquired Nimbit two years ago, they knew the platform for direct-to-fan marketing and promotions had even greater potential. With the latest release, Nimbit has made a huge step in maximizing that potential by focusing on what you need most: automated, integrated tools that enable engaged and monetized relationships with your fans.

Fast is good, and in the new redesign the user interface has been streamlined and reprioritized to be quicker and more convenient than ever. And now all aspects of the platform are more tightly integrated with synergies between tools not found in other direct to fan services.

When PreSonus queried its customers, at the top of their wish list was a better way to deliver live recordings quickly to fans and to capture fans at live events. With Nimbit’s new, you can reward fans for checking in at, or after, live events with a simple URL or QR code. Rewards can be a live recording from the event, an exclusive mp3 download, a video from the artist, or a special offer. The fan makes an immediate connection, and you capture their email address, linked to the event they attended. Then follow up after the show with the entire live recording or another special offer and reach out to these fans when you play in their area again. The followup offer can even be automatically emailed at a set time after the show. Beta testers of achieved email capture rates as high as 22% of the venue capacity.

In addition, You can now promote upcoming events to fans more effectively using the new Nimbit Calendar. With just a few clicks, set up events using crowd-sourced venue data and integrated Google Maps. Events display on your Profile and can be promoted to fans via automated, geotargeted announcements and reminders to fans at preset intervals before live shows.

Because your Nimbit Calendar and email tool are tightly integrated, simply enter your tour dates and enable reminders to fans, and Nimbit will automatically send your tour promotion to the right fans at the right time.

The new email marketing tool makes it easy to send beautiful newsletters, event announcements, and promotions that can be automated and targeted to specific fan groups-no Web-coding experience required. Combined with Nimbit’s fan list and deep fan-filtering capabilities, email marketing lets you send personalized and relevant emails, including recurring messages. PreSonus has overhauled the Nimbit Store with a new, fan-facing artist Profile, designed to be a central place where fans can have a richer experience with artists. The new Profile combines photos, a bio, upcoming events, videos, streaming audio, featured promotions, and more. Even those new to online promotion can set up or manage their Profiles in just a few minutes.

It’s easy to enhance your Web site with your Nimbit Profile, Store, Calendar, or any combination by copying and pasting embed codes (just like adding a YouTube video). Sell and promote to fans direct on Facebook by installing the Nimbit Facebook app. And your Nimbit Profile is instantly available on as soon as you’re ready.

You can get started today with a free Nimbit account, which includes many of Nimbit’s best features, and add a la carte features to meet specific needs-or go all the way with Nimbit Premium for just $19.95 per month.