Amazing how much a bit of sleep helps…

More video coming on the Ace Baker-led session on recording live gigs and the final roundtable with the PreSonus brain trust. (Hey, moving as fast as i can. I want no crap, here. I’m editing the video and writing this in the airport waiting for my flight home to Vegas after driving from Baton Rouge to Houston. It’s a long story. I’ll eventually blog about it.)


For now, a little demo of one function of the SMAART functions built into Virtual StudioLive. 


(For those of you in the L2P musician tribe, SMAART is a pro-level audio analysis tool. Why is that cool? A full version of SMAART will run almost a grand. But this lite version is INCLUDED in Virtual StudioLive which is INCLUDED with all StudioLive products. Why should you care? You are gonna sound a whole lot better than the other schmucks who play that club where the owners moron GF/wanna-be interior designer installed mirrored wall panels and chandeliers made of white-painted deer antlers. This is no joke I’ve been in such a venue. But to be fair, the GF was smokin’ hot. Anyway… If you can EQ your system to minimize the problem frequencies caused by Miss Hottie’s obsession with reflected images and Bambi’s dad, you’ll sound better than anyone else. And get more gigs. And steal the hot GF and convince her to take down the damn antlers.)


Back on track. The fact that a tool this powerful is included with a $3K console is pretty stunning. And as our intrepid presenters show, it’s way easier to use than you might think.


Check the video and stay tuned for more…



Originally posted 2012-10-01 08:11:29.