Power Chord Academy, the nation’s leading summer camp for amateur musician training, has announced two brand new music programs for Summer 2009.

OVERDRIVE is a program which students attend for 3 days, play in bands, play 3 concerts, meet a pro touring band, attend seminars, and attend a private concert. Program cost is $795. AMPLIFY students attend 1 day, play in a band, play a concert, meet a pro touring band and attend a private concert. 1 day of ecstatic excitement, performance, and FUN! Program cost is $295.

"These new programs provide students the opportunity to experience our curriculum in powerful new ways," says Admissions Director Dave Wood. "In this difficult economy, we want to continue to make it possible for all aspiring and committed young musicians to achieve new levels of success." Summer 2009 marks the 11th year of PCA in which students play in a band, record a CD, make a music video, headline concerts, meet a pro touring band and attend a private concert! They also participate in fundamental seminars, meet industry guests, and receive a course packed with premiere music education and loads of fun.

Originally posted 2009-03-19 14:15:46.