“The one plugin that has saved many of my mixing days?  I would have to say is Waves C4.”


There have been many instances but most recently, I was mixing for Usher’s current LP Looking For Myself and one of the songs I mixed was “I Care For You”.


The main wobble synth part that goes on throughout the song was the core element in the record. That part just made it so incredible, so it HAD to sit in the right space. Usher was very particular about it as well. He loved the sound but did not want it to get in the way of his vocals.


I tried many options, but I finally went to my savior—the Waves C4 compressor plugin. I was able to really get into compressing and EQ’ing that synth part until it sat right where it needed to be.


I just love that plugin! It always allows me to conquer the most difficult situations I might be having in a mix. It doesn’t matter what is making the situation tough, the C4 is my all-in-one super tool!


Usher and the producer (and myself, of course) were very pleased with the final mix of the song and it has now become one of my favorite songs I’ve ever mixed.



—Marcella Araica