Articulation:  It more than just a way to talk good.

If you have ever noticed that some people just play notes and musicians make their instruments sing; it is because they use their instrument as a source of expression. 

The human voice is (perhaps) the most expressive instruments.  We’ve been playing it the longest and practicing for hours daily, plus,…you get to use words.  Those instrumentalists that use vocal-type expression when they play convey a large amount of the same emotion because people are pre-disposed to accept that kind of input.

If you don’t believe me, play a midi file off of your computer and compare it to an B.B. King solo.

Articulation on the guitar allows the player to express themselves more convincingly (baby…BABY!  Pleeeeeeasssssse don’t leaveeeeee….ooohhhhhhh) with the inflections we all understand.

Here are six simple kinds of articulation that you can seamlessly infuse into to your playing right now to take your playing from “wow” to “oh my f’n gawd!”

Jake Kelly: Songwriter, guitar-slinger, recording artist (three of his own CDs and tons of stuff with other artists), dad and the guy who first called The Rev. by that particular moniker. Splitting his time between Nashville and L.A., Jake does everything from gear reviews to musings on the nature of creativity for Live2Play. For more info about Jake, visit

Originally posted 2012-10-08 20:17:37.